Research Projects

International Weight loss Trial

The International Weight Loss Trial is an international multi-site trial comparing a commercial weight loss program to a do-it-yourself approach for individuals with overweight or obesity.

Status: Active

ENHANCE 2.0: Enduring Happiness and continued self-enhancement

ENHANCE 2.0 is a randomized controlled trial comparing the ENHANCE well-being program to a gold-standard self-help work book (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).

Status: Completed - Primary outcome manuscript in preparation

Tree of Hope: Health and Wellness Index for Kelowna Youth - Growing Healthy Children

The Kelowna Youth project is a collaboration between the CORE lab and Dr. Ali McManus in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBC-O seeking to index both the physical and mental well-being of youth in Kelowna.

Status: Active

The CORE Lab is currently working with Yale University to validate the Yale 24 hr Food Frequency Questionnaire, which is an evidence-based, innovative measure used to track dietary intake.

Status: Active

The Yale 24hr FFQ: Scale validation

Other ongoing projects:

  • Eminence Cluster: A community-based health cluster analysis



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