Graduate Students


Stefanie Ciszewski

BA Honours, University of Ottawa 
MA, University of New Brunswick

Stefanie is a second year PhD student in the clinical psychology graduate program at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan. Her research interests are within the field of health psychology and behavioural medicine with a specific focus on behavioural intervention and prevention programs for healthy weight management.


Megumi M. Iyar, MA

Doctoral student in Clinical psychology

Chair, Student section – Eating Disorders Association of Canada

Megumi is interested in collaborative care and factors that promote change with the aim of improving adherence to treatment across the weight spectrum.



Jaquelyn Kerr B.A.

Jaquelyn has research interests in nutrition, weight management, wellness, positive psychology, mood, anxiety, stress, self-criticism, and stigma.

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Chloe Briggs, BSc. 

Chloe is pursuing a doctoral degree in the Clinical Psychology program at UBCO. Her research interests are in the area of positive psychology; specifically, mindfulness, self-compassion, emotion-regulation, and subjective and psychological well-being. 

Project COOrdinator

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Brooke Dudley, BSc.

Brooke completed her honours thesis last year under the supervision of Dr. Lesley Lutes and is now the lab’s project coordinator. Her research interests include obesity, health promotion, weight management, and modified dietary monitoring, specifically in young adults.

UnderGraduate Students

Ali Caldwell

Ali is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in psychology. Ali’s research interests include eating disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, suicide, and the impact of stigma associated with mental health disorders. Ali is currently completing her honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Szostak.

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Joanna Garcia

Joanna is a fourth year Psychology Major completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. She is currently conducting research for her honours thesis about the relationship between social media and well-being. Her areas of interest are within psychology include well-being, as well as forensics, and psychopathology.


Liam R. King

Bachelor of Science – Major in Psychology

Liam R. King is a 5thyear bachelor of science student majoring in Psychology. Mr. King was awarded a NSERC USRA in the summer of 2018, where he was co-supervised by Drs. McManus & Lutes, and helped coordinate the Tree of Hope research grant. In 2016 & 2017, Mr. King was also awarded the Aboriginal Mentorship program naming Dr. Lutes as his mentor. He also completed a Directed Studies under the supervision of Dr. Wirtz in the fall of 2017, where he investigated the effects of self-compassion and implicit biases on well-being. Mr. King has interests in working with community youth to promote well-being, investigating factors that contribute to health and well-being in indigenous communities, and promoting awareness around the discrimination faced by indigenous individuals in modern society.

Volunteer Research Assistants

Mercedes Yeast

Alex Fountaine

Jagardip Sidhu

Nathaniel Grinham

Alexa Rysen

Emily Bisonette

Paul Lutz

Kaylee Cunningham

Emily-Rose Bonthoux

Clerissa Copeland

Emily Avey

Denika Widmer

Sherry Hannah

Isabella Panagos

Karen Coppock

CORE Alumni

Damian Leitner Danika Quesnel

Drew Declerk Carmela White

Marina Le Taylor McCreary